Cured Barramundi | Watermelon | Avocado

Serves 4
Preparation Time -
Level Difficult
For Fish
400gmKühlbarra Barramundi; skinless
1/2Orange Zest
3gmLong Pepper; grated
For Watermelon Vinaigrette
150gmFresh Watermelon Juice
100gmBottled Tomato Juice
1/2Chilli Padi
1tbspExtra Virgin Olive Oil
For Watermelon Salsa
120gmWatermelon; chopped
60gmTomato; chopped
3Lime Segments
15gmRed Chilli; finely diced
10mlExtra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt; to taste
Pepper; to taste
For Avocado Purée
12gmOnion; finely chopped
10mlLime Juice
25mlExtra Virgin Olive Oil
7gmCoriander; chopped
3gmGarlic; crushed
For Fish Floss
50gmBarramundi Trimmings; dehydrated
7gmCoriander; chopped
1/2Orange Zest
25gmJapanese Breadcrumbs; toasted
5gmGarlic; minced & fried
2gmCaster Sugar
For Garnish
Breakfast Radish; thinly sliced
Watermelon; sliced into discs
Baby Purple Basil
For Fish

  1. Mix the grinded pepper, salt, sugar and zest together
  2. Rub the salt mix over the barramundi and wrap in tin foil
  3. Leave for 2 hours in a chiller
  4. Wash the salt mix off and pat dry
  5. Leave to air dry for 1 hour in the chiller
  6. Sliced to 3mm thickness when serving

For Watermelon Vinaigrette

  1. Combine all ingredients together and leave to marinade for 6 hours
  2. Blend together and strain
  3. Keep chilled before serving

For Watermelon Salsa

  1. Mix everything together and season to taste

Avocado Purée

  1. Combine everything and blend until smooth

For Fish Floss

  1. Brine the barramundi in 10% salt 90% water
  2. Leave for 1 hour and then wash and pat dry
  3. Dehydrate for at least 12 hours
  4. Blend the fish with the rest of the ingredients and put aside ready to serve

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