Why Should You Choose Kühlbarra?

Kühlbarra is simply the best choice you can make when buying fish in Singapore. We provide you with convenient delivery of premium barramundi that’s totally delicious, impeccably fresh and extremely healthy.


Freshness is our number one concern.

Kühlbarra farms, processes and delivers its premium barramundi right here in Singapore. To ensure freshness, we harvest our fish to order and deliver it ice-chilled and vacuum-packed within hours of processing.

There are no long distribution chains to compromise the freshness and flavour of our fish.


We sell the best-tasting barramundi available. That’s a bold claim, but after one taste we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

You’ll find our premium barramundi fillets and steaks to be mildly sweet and incredibly clean tasting. Thanks to the pristine ocean waters in which we farm our barramundi, our products have no muddy or “fishy” taste.


We feed this fish to our families, so we’re kinda fanatical about the quality of the water in and around our farm. We purposefully located our ocean enclosures in strong currents which keep clean, oxygen-rich waters flowing through them.

To ensure the ongoing quality of our farm waters, they are independently sampled and tested every 10 minutes by the Danish Hydrological Institute, a trusted advisor to the Government of Singapore.

In addition to our clean waters, you can rest assured that we do not use any hormones or antibiotics to encourage the growth of our barramundi. We believe that the best way to grow robust, healthy fish is to simply feed them high-quality food and let them swim in a clean, natural environment.


Our barramundi eat nothing but top-quality fishmeal food. That means fish that are tasty and naturally high in heart-healthy and brain-boosting omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Unlike some fresh-caught fish, our premium barramundi are extremely low in mercury. Independent testing performed by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) shows that mercury levels in our fish are well below limits set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


With Kühlbarra, there is no slopping through the wet market to buy fish from who-knows-where.

There’s no more lugging dripping bags of not-so-fresh fish home from supermarket. And you no longer need to worry about the fish in the sweltering boot of your car as you drive home.

Let us take care of everything. Premium fish, super fresh, delivered ice-chilled to your doorstep.

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