Kühlbarra: Locally farmed fish that’s drawing in the world
Kühl Prosperity Harvest
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Barramundi and Salmon sliced for your convenience and perfect for steamboats.

Barramundi Collagen Soup Packs - Mix with equal parts of water.

i.e 500ml soup stock to 500ml water

Feeds approximately 4-6 pax.

CNY Exclusive: Additional FREE 200g of fish! Available till 15 Feb 2021 only!


Each Kühl Prosperity Harvest includes:

1 x 400g Sliced Barramundi
1 x 400g Sliced Salmon
2 x 500ml Barra Collagen Fish Stock

Additional FREE 1 x 100g of Sliced Barramundi, 1 x 100g Sliced Air-flown Norwegian Salmon

Approx. 2kg

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