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Kühl Feast

Introducing a gourmet seafood bundle that brings together the finest of the ocean's offerings - Barramundi and Norwegian Salmon. Immerse yourself in a world of flavors and textures that will delight your palate and redefine your culinary adventures!


4 × 200g Barramundi Portions (Non-center cuts only)
4 × 200g Norwegian Salmon Portions

Individually vacuum-packed


Shelf life - 4 days chilled including day of delivery


For Mega Kühl Feast


*Please note that this product is not meant to be consumed raw. Please ensure thorough cooking before consumption.
*Please expect to receive a mix of fish cuts when purchasing online. We are unable to guarantee requests for a specific cut of fish parts as we move to becoming more streamlined. Thank you.
*Barramundi flesh is naturally grey.
*While every effort is made to ensure bone removal, complete bone removal is not guaranteed. Please exercise caution as fish may still contain bone/bone fragments.

Approx. 1.6kg


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