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Kühlbarra: Locally farmed fish that’s drawing in the world
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Earliest delivery - Tuesday, 12pm - 2pm
  1. Kühl Prosperity Harvest

    400g Sliced Barramundi
    400g Sliced Salmon
    FREE 100g Sliced Barramundi
    FREE 100g Sliced Salmon

    Approx. 1kg

  2. Kühl Abundance Harvest

    800g Sliced Barramundi
    FREE 200g Sliced Barramundi

    Approx. 1kg

  3. Barra Blessing

    Barra Blessing

    Approx 1kg

    5 x 200g Barra Portions

  4. Sliced Salmon

    Sliced Salmon

    Approx 400g

    400g Sliced Salmon

  5. Sliced Barramundi

    Approx 400g

    400g Sliced Barramundi

  6. Kühl Feast

    Kühl Feast

    Approx 1.6kg

    4 x 200g Barramundi Portions
    4 x 200g Salmon Portions

  7. Mega Kühl Feast

    Mega Kühl Feast

    Approx 3.6kg

    10 x 200g Barramundi Portions
    8 x 200g Salmon Portions

  8. Barramundi Portion

    Approx 200g

  9. Barramundi Fillet

    Approx 1kg

    Family-size fillet cut. Skin-on. Chilled.

  10. Salmon Portion

    Salmon Portion

    Approx 200g

    Air freight fresh from Norway. Processed in Singapore. Chilled.

  11. Salmon Fillet

    Salmon Fillet

    Approx 1kg

    1 x 1kg Salmon Fillet

  12. Barramundi Bones

    Barramundi Bones

    Approx 800g

    1 set of barramundi fish bones. Cut into parts for easy cooking and boiling.

  13. Barramundi Belly

    Barramundi Belly

    Approx 200g

    Smooth and succulent. Filled with omega 3 goodness and collagen.

  14. Barramundi Fish Head

    Approx 1kg 

    2 x 500gm Half Barramundi Fish Head

    Chilled. Good for steaming, grilling or curry.