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[KUHL+] Sashimi Moriawase

Bring out this Sashimi Moriawase at any party and you're definitely bound to wow your guests! Good for 4-6 pax. Sashimi Grade.


500g Salmon
100g Scallops
150g Yellowtail
150g Tako 
100g Jellyfish
Wasabi and Soy sauce


Shelf life - to be consumed on the day of delivery

Store chilled between 0 to 4 degrees celsius


*Please note that this item is not applicable for any further discounts.
*Please note that the Sashimi Moriawase is sliced daily in the morning before delivery; as such, we can only fulfil a fixed, limited quantity for each day. We will restock timely whenever possible, and seek your kind understanding in the event that the item is sold out for the day.
*As a general precaution, vulnerable groups of people, especially young children, pregnant women, elderly persons or people with chronic illness such as diabetes should exercise caution by avoiding the consumption of raw food. 

Approx. 1kg


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