Kühlbarra: Superior Fish for Uncompromising Customers
Kühl Box

Since moving orders to the more environmentally-friendly Kühl Bag in 2022, some of our loyal customers have requested for an option to still receive their orders in Kühl Boxes.

So, if you are gifting our Kühlbarra products to a loved one, or just prefer to receive your order in something rigid. You can now cart out our Kühl Box together with your order.

Each box is estimated to be able to fit approximately 3-5kg of products (gotta leave space for the ice!). Please add on multiple boxes for your larger orders.

Placing multiple gift orders?
Please cart out each order separately so that our packers will pack accordingly into each Kühl Box. We are currently unable on our system to allow for multiple customised packing lists.


With effect from 15 September 2022, Kühlbarra has moved away from styrofoam boxes and moved towards a greener, more compact alternative.
Please click here to find out more about our efforts: https://kuhlbarra.com/new-kuhl-bag


*Please note that this item is not applicable for any further discounts.

Add this to your cart to get your kühlbarra products packed and delivered in a Kühl Box!

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