Kühlbarra: Superior Fish for Uncompromising Customers

Over the years, our consumer needs have changed drastically especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. As we order more fresh groceries and temperature sensitive produce online, this has created an increased amount of waste packaging.

We take our kühl fans' feedback seriously about the restrictions that come with returning and recycling of our previous kühl boxes and we have decided to switch to a greener, more compact alternative


Our kühl insulated thermal bags are made up of 30% recycled material and are much easier to flatten and store. Independent temperature tests have also been conducted to ensure that these bags maintain a kühl temperature all the way from delivery to your doorstep even if you choose the last delivery slot for the day! 


Do rest assured that the quality of your kühl orders will not be affected as your deliveries are transported in a temperature controlled cold truck to ensure that the cold chain remains unbroken. Our cold trucks are designed to be fully equipped with a cooling system to keep your orders kühl, and are well insulated to maintain internal temperature from 0 - 4 degrees celsiusAs such, the cold chain remains unbroken from the time our fish are harvested, and till it reaches your doorstep.



Based on food safety regulations, we strongly discourage you from leaving our products out in the open for extended periods of time. To maintain cold chain integrity, it is paramount that our products are transported immediately into your chiller/freezer once you receive it from our friendly kühl delivery man. We will not be liable if our products are unfit for consumption if they are not kept in a temperature controlled environment.

This is why we require all customers to arrange for someone at home to receive your kühl package during your selected time slot.

If no one is home to accept your delivery within 5 minutes of our driver's arrival during the stipulated delivery timeslot, we will take your fish back to our facilities to be kept chilled. We will then attempt to arrange a second delivery. All missed deliveries will incur an additional re-delivery fee of $15.