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Barramundi Petite Fillet



The fillets offer the same exquisite taste and premium quality you know and love, now in a perfectly petite size.
With these succulent fillets, you get the best of both worlds - the clean tasting flaky barramundi meat and the soft and succulent prized barramundi belly!

The fillets are nitro-freezed to ensure that all the nutrients and the texture of the fillets is locked for ultimate freshness. 

What is Nitro Freeze? 

It is a technology which rapidly freezes food to ensure that the texture, quality and taste of the product is never compromised.


*Barramundi flesh is naturally grey.
*While every effort is made to ensure bone removal, complete bone removal is not guaranteed. Please exercise caution as fish may still contain bone/bone fragments.

Approx. 250g & up

Delivered frozen

In stock